The syllabus that TMA uses is “School of Tomorrow“, an educationally well-rounded, Bible-based curriculum that allows students to feel loved and safe.  The curriculum has Scripture as its foundation, fully integrating biblical principles, wisdom, and character-building concepts into your child’s education.  Students move at their own speed through self-instructional student workbooks.  Following the mastery approach, the books are formatted for students to complete the exercises found throughout the workbook and take practice “self tests”.  Labs, tutoring and weekly testing is done at school.  Our standard course in the “School of Tomorrow” syllabus includes: Reading, Language Usage, Writing & Literature, Math, Science & Social Studies.

 Creative Arts: Projects that allow self-expression and knowledge of the Creator Himself which include:  Sculpture, Creative Writing/Poetry, Visual Arts and special projects as scheduled.


Tutoring Lab

Computer Lab & Worship Area

Field Trips & Projects as planned

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Christian Education 4th – 8th grade