About our school:  In a time when God is being taken out of our Government and our schools,  many of us are looking towards homeschooling  as our answer.

Here at TMA we try to infuse aspects of Gods word and truth in everything we do with our students.  We are here to help you to make your homeschool efforts more well rounded.  Our books can be studied at home and testing done here.  We have teachers here who can help as much or as little as needed, as well as labs, computers and extracurricular activities  for your child to enjoy with other kids.

Does your child feel like they do not fit in with the “cookie cutter” approach to public school learning?  Do they get lost in the sea of students filling their classroom?  Bring them to TMA for personal self-paced learning!

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Many children are falling behind in their studies in public schools for a wide variety of reasons.  We can help your child get over that hump to be able finish in his/her public school as well. Make an appointment today to find out how we can help your child.

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About the Founders:


Ms. Sally 
Mays Anderson

As Director and Principal,  Ms. Anderson brings a rich background of experienced leadership and excellence in education.   As graduate from Southwest Texas State University with a B.S. in Elementary Education and a minor in Math she additionally earned a Teaching Certificate in Kindergarten Education along with her Texas State Teaching Certificate.  After teaching in the public schools for 5 years, she decided to apply at a Christian School in the late 1970’s.  Ms. Anderson took a position at Blessed Hope Academy in the middle school.  For the next twenty-six years she attended Christian School Conferences and workshops that prepared her for her future in the Christian School movement. Working closely with the administration on accreditation procedures, Ms. Anderson helped Blessed Hope Academy become fully accredited.  In 1987 she became an ordained minister and received her M.A. in Christian Education from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.  She currently holds an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Administrator’s License.

Some students arrive at Taute & Mays Academy with an educational crisis; and through one-on-one tutoring and personal encouragement, students receive the necessary tools for success.  With a background in both public and private education.
Ms. Anderson ensured that Taute and Mays Academy Silver Wings of Learning and Creative Arts allows students to enroll at different levels in different subjects.  Because of this innovative approach a student, concurrently, can continue to progress in their strong subjects and can be brought up to grade-level in weaker areas.  And through this individualized program a student can return to their assigned public school (“remediate and return”), continue their homeschooling or their full curriculum here at Taute & Mays Academy.

Many years of working in a non-traditional style school have shown Ms. Anderson that students respond favorably to the individualized, self-paced curriculum and take more responsibility for their own education.

Ms. Anderson would love to visit with you and explain how Taute & Mays Academy may be an answer for your child’s educational needs.

Ms. Annette Taute:

Ms Annette Taute met the Lord on January 28th, 2014.  Ms. Tautes’ greatest legacy was co-founding Taute & Mays Academy Silver Wings of Learning and Creative Arts in 2004, after many years as an educator in public schools.  She co-founded the small private school, with her lifelong friend and fellow educator, Sally Mays Anderson, promoting both academic excellence and creativity. Ms. Taute will live on in the hearts of her students for generations to come.

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